Just Peachy

Seasonal activities never get old to me. Here in central Maryland we have a local farm, Weber's Peachberry Farm, great for gathering the bounty of almost every season. This late July brought several varieties of peaches and I was all too happy to spend an early Saturday morning picking as many as my little heart [...]

The J. Crew Apron Dress

This spring, a certain dress from J. Crew has sent quite a few of us into a frenzy.  Its simplicity and utter femininity have made it the perfect frock for a day of sightseeing or relaxing in a cafe. So many gravitated towards the popular seersucker but after trying on both, I decided the fire [...]

International Macaron Day in Canada

It's no secret that I'm a big lover of macarons, as are many people these days. Adorable and colorful confections with the perfect balance of cookie and cream, they pair perfectly with a hot caffeinated beverage or a refreshing glass of champagne.  I like to think I'm always on the hunt for the perfect macaron [...]


So we made it from Bordeaux all the way to Monaco, and our trip was coming to an end. But before we could leave, we had to spend a day in Paris - the place of dreams, extravagance, and fashion. We couldn't experience it all, but what we did see will forever hold the warmest [...]

Soulmates vs. Life Partners

Quite a few people on my social feeds have been asking the question and discussing whether soulmates actually exist. And if so, what's the difference between them and a life partners.  Awhile ago I read an article about the difference between a soulmate and a life partner. When I took the time to think on [...]

Rest & Relaxation

After our week in snowy Canada, it was decided that we would fly down to West Palm Beach. Although much of the east coast received an interesting amount of cold and snow this past holiday season, and Florida was not excluded from this weather, we knew whatever the Sunshine Sate had to offer, we would [...]