Resolutions in Decor!

Here we are in the beginning of a brand-new year with so many opportunities to make new decisions and lifestyle changes. As we grow and change, it’s important to make sure our personal space and atmosphere reflect the changes in our lives. So this year I’d like to think about making a resolution in decor….

A White Christmas

This holiday season was nothing short of amazing. We finally got our white Christmas and we owe it partially to the fact that we left the slightly warmer climate of Maryland. (Emphasis on slightly) A longer car ride than we would have preferred later, we arrived in Freeport, Maine. Known as the birthplace of L.L. Bean,…

Falling into Autumn

I don’t necessarily have a favorite season because every season brings the excitement for new activities and opportunities to have fun with family and friends. From apple orchards in Maryland to trails on the Ottawa/Quebec border, this fall has been fulfilling in the best of ways. Weber’s Farm Apple Picking Canadian Adventure & Country Living

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

There is no denying that every bride is indeed radiant on her wedding day.  No two are alike and each shines brightly in her own special way.  For years, women in the spotlight have dazzled and inspired us with their custom couture and fashion sense.  From modest to daring, here are some of the memorable…

Venue To Watch: Sagamore Pendry

The Sagamore Pendry, formerly known as the Recreation Pier, opened earlier this year in March as Baltimore’s newest boutique hotel. Long awaited, the surrounding community of Fells Point watched as the abandoned and rotting building was transformed into a breathtaking edifice with touches of old world beauty and the promise of a glittering night life….

The Essentials

Everyone has their go-to pieces and accessories — things that when melded really play a part in defining their style. If you take a quick flip through my Instagram, hopefully you can get a good sense of who I am and my preferences when it comes to dressing and accessorizing. There are pretty much four…