Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is lauded as a day of romance–an opportunity to remind your significant other that they’re loved and appreciated. And although it’s meant to demonstrate love, sometimes men receive the short end of the stick. You know what I mean; it’s quite common that Valentine’s Day is marketed as a holiday for men to give gifts not necessarily receive. So here’s a guide of practical gifts under $70, that doesn’t include cologne or sex, for that special man in your life!

Monogrammed Cuff Links – a stylish and personal gift to be worn with a work or dress suit. This particular brand comes in two colors, silver and gunmetal.

Leather Journal – journaling has its benefits for everyone and because we live in a society that still has an overwhelming attitude that men should stifle their feelings, a journal could be a great emotional and creative outlet.

Fountain Pen – a classic writing implement for the man that has the latest gadgets and isn’t in need of jewelry or clothes. If he’s got great handwriting, this makes it an even more suitable gift!

Trimmer Set – equipped with twelve differing head pieces, this set is rechargeable making it great for travel. And to top it off, it’s waterproof!

Weekender Bag – a relaxed but stylish grab and go bag. It’s the perfect size for just the essentials or a last-minute business/weekend trip and it makes a decent carry-on for travel.

USB Key-chain – a small and nifty accessory with the capability of holding your keys and transferring data to and from your phone. And to make it even more personal, it’s comes in differing colors and available to monogram.

…and now for a gift a little pricier than the rest.

Signet Ringan accessory and statement piece, this small but highly personal gift is the perfect token and reminder. Depending on where you purchase, it’s altogether possible to have a message inscribed inside the band.

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