Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

Galentine’s Day has quickly become a holiday observed by gal pals everywhere. A day to celebrate love and friendship between female friends, it’s a reminder that romantic love isn’t the only important love in our lives. Some gals throw parties, others go out for drinks and some exchange gifts. So for all you looking for something for those special women in your lives here’s a helpful guide for gifts under $60!

Gals Who Love Papier

Aya Paper Co. a black woman-owned stationery brand that provides greeting cards and calendars made with responsibly resourced materials and shipped in low waste packaging.

Erin Condren brightly colored coiled planners that make even the most disorganized of people want to take a moment to plan their week or month. Perfect for the blossoming entrepreneur, graduate student or the gal who wears many hats.

M. Davinae –  a journal created by a black authoress based on her experience of finding a safe place in female friendship. She says, “This journal provides a safe place to carry your many ideas, house your many thoughts and keep your many feels.”

Gals Who Love A Naughty Joke

Wine Condomsmany of us have been there done that when it comes to knocking over a bottle of wine or realizing that maybe we didn’t need to open a second bottle and the cork has magically disappeared. These gizmos protect your wine from spilling onto that tablecloth you love and keep it fresh enough to enjoy the next night!

BadManneredTeaI’ve mentioned time and again that I’m a tea lover so when I first discovered that naughty teacups existed, I was over the moon. They’re honestly so cheeky and range in their degrees of vulgarity – lol. Etsy pretty much corners the market for these so just search naughty teacups if interested!

Gals Who Love Jewelry

The Tiny Tasselblack woman owned jewelry brand based in Charleston that produces all tassel everything! Their handmade accessories are versatile and enhance ensembles for sorority formals, weddings or a simple weekend outing with girlfriends. Their tassel bracelets would also make the perfect matching gift for a more mature friendship bracelet!

And for those gals who love reminders of their collegiate and sorority days, here’s a gift just a tad pricier than the rest.

Kyle Cavan – a women-owned pendant brand dedicated to creating stylish custom jewelry for modern women that would “proudly remind them of their pasts long into their futures.” The perfect gift for a college friend or sorority sister turned life long friend. Their jewelry would also make an exceptional graduation or bid day gift!

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