Shopping, Outdoor Activities, and What to Expect from Me with Covid- 19 Limitations

Covid-19 smacked us all in the face and drastically altered the flow of our daily lives. It’s been relatively five months of social distancing and for some, an extended period of self-quarantine.  For us here in the United States, it doesn’t appear that will change soon.

It’s summer –  the season for visiting beaches, strolls on the boardwalk with mint lemonade – my favorite is from Pitango – patio dining/drinking, and too many barbecues to count. In past years, various opportunities for seeing friends and family or just enjoying the outdoors have provided many with a reason to freshen up their summer wardrobe with the newest and brightest pieces. I even purchased an inexpensive gingham linen dress; but in all the sales from much-loved brands bombarding my inbox, I realized that I didn’t need very much of it. Having a new wardrobe is an amazing feeling, but when I considered where I would wear these new clothes, I was shy of answers. I could go for a picnic at a local garden or run to one of the amazing ice cream parlors, Taharka Brothers – a black-owned shop of utter deliciousness or Bmore Licks – the soft serve champions. But outside of that, I go to the store, fully masked, and come home. That new linen dress I mentioned – I’ve been wearing it to garden. Womp.

As the fall semester approaches with cool weather following not so far behind, the urge to buy a new fall wardrobe is one I will always find very hard to resist. I’m still a student with academic requirements that may include my presence on campus and being around others daily often drives me to look my best. With Covid-19 looming over our lives, I want y’all to know I will try to provide fun material, especially during our holiday season, but safely and within my capabilities. Furthermore, I’ll still suggest seasonal pieces but understand nothing is a “must-have”. If Covid-19, paired with your working/learning situation still permits and suggests home confinement, don’t feel obligated or pressured to buy new clothes – especially if your wardrobe is already filled with amazing and reliable things.

I hope y’all are having a safe summer; I can’t wait to share more with you soon!

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