Fall Fun Guide

Hey, y’all! So a part of enjoying all that fall offers means getting out and trying new things – it can also really help fight seasonal depression. While many of us anticipate this sweater weather with its beautiful colors, crisp breeze, and seasonal foods, many can’t find that joy. They see the days get colder and darker as the once green life around us turns to brown. Now, I’m no expert but I do think one of the best ways of finding joy is to try something new. So, I’ve put together a little something to assist in finding ways to entertain yourselves this fall and if it applies, to step outside your comfort zone. While this post will list certain activities with specific locations in Maryland, please still consider the options and look for similar attractions in your state! 🍁

Visit a Local Farm/Orchard

  • Weber’s Farm, Glen Arm, MD – Weber’s Farm comes in two parts. They have a farm market with barnyard fun, baked goods, produce, and home decorations fit for the season. About ten minutes away, their orchards offer PYO (pick your own) apples from early September until early November. I’ve detailed some of my times there, here
  • Rodgers’ Farm, Stevenson, MD – Rodgers’ Farm is the perfect place for more of those fall activities. They have a farm zoo for children as well as a pumpkin patch and hayrides. Their biggest attraction, however, is their corn maze. It changes every year but it always proves to be great fun. They also offer warm seasonal food and beverages.
  • Shaw Orchard, – White Hall, MD – Shaw Orchard is a family farm on the Mason-Dixon Line. They offer apple picking, hayrides, a pumpkin patch, and a seasonal farm market. I’m planning on visiting them for the first time next month.

Attend a Fair

  • Rennaisance Festival/Faire, Crownsville Maryland – For as long as I can remember, Renn Faire has been an extremely popular weekend attraction here in Maryland. Yes, its exactly how it sounds, an opportunity to dress in medieval attire, eat fair food, and drink too much beer. However, if you’re not familiar with this particular event or the location just know you’re in for a treat. Maryland is home to one of the larger renaissance festivals in the country and as such, the location never changes because it’s housed inside a castle, designed to look like a 16th century English village. I know, it sounds quirky but know that you can have a wonderful time if you give it a chance. And, regulars use the opportunity to dress as characters from popular fandoms. I’ve definitely run into quite a few elves and Danearys Targareans over the past few years. So get out there and give it a try! Did I mention they have jousting tournaments? Renn Faire begins in late August and ends mid-October.

Visit a Haunted Hayride/House

  • Field of Screams, Olney, MD – Field of Screams is basically a haunted farm with the sole purpose of inciting terror. The adventures generally begin at dusk as light on the farm is scarce except for the concession stands where you can feast on typical delectables such as funnel cake, pizza, popcorn, and soda. 
  • The Nevermore Haunt, Baltimore, MD – Known as the scariest haunted house in Baltimore, Nevermore is open for fifteen nights in October. Set in 19th century Baltimore, it offers terrifying thrills as well as on-site concessions including local craft beers!
  • Legends of the Fog, Aberdeen, MD – Legends of the Fog is the, “scariest haunted attraction in its area”. They offer four haunted attractions for the price of one and during their Blackout Weekend, you can enjoy all these experiences with “only the moonlight as your guide”. Food and drinks are also available for purchase! 

Attend an Oktoberfest

  • I have to admit I’ve never attended an Oktoberfest. But I do know that we have quite a few of them here in Maryland. So instead of writing about something I’ve never experienced, I’ve included a link that details the Oktoberfest celebrations local to Maryland.

Attend a Fall Festival

  • Fall Festivals are a very common occurrence in many states. If there isn’t one happening in your immediate area or you’re not familiar with one, a quick Google or Facebook search generally pinpoints the ones closest to you. Marylanders, here’s another list of local fall festivals. 

Enjoy Leaf Peeping/Sight Seeing Excursions 

  • Fall Foliage Train Ride, Cumberland, MD – An experience like no other, the Western Maryland Railroad offers you a chance to view the colors of fall from the comfort of the Frostburg Flyer. The round trip lasts a total of three hours, from Cumberland to Frostburg, with an hour layover in Frostburg.
  • Fall Foliage Driving Tour, Garrett County, MD – An opportunity to enjoy the leaves on your own terms, the driving tour can last anywhere between 60-90 minutes with a multitude of delightful places to pop into or explore along the way. 
  • Covered Bridge & Fall Foliage Tour, Frederick County, MD – The perfect chance to bike or drive through Frederick County, see their three covered bridges, and enjoy views of the Catoctin Mountains. The route also offers the opportunity to stop at historic landmarks and an orchard.

4 thoughts on “Fall Fun Guide

  1. These are great suggestions! We’re going to the Renaissance fair some time this month (hopefully when it cools down!) and will have to check out these other options too! xo

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  2. These suggestions are dope! More than enough options to go around. I plan to check out one of each interesting option in due time. Thank you ✊🏾

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