The Quickness of Christmas

This isn’t an official blog post that imparts useful information but more-so a reflection of this year’s holiday season. Maybe it’s my perception of time as I get older but it feels as if Christmas, that includes the waiting period after Thanksgiving, came and went so quickly. It really seems like we just raised our Christmas trees and decorated the columns outside of our homes. Time moves so quickly and while this is absolutely my favorite time of the year, there’s something slightly depressing in knowing it’s going to end. I came into the understanding or perhaps belief, almost a week ago, that no one really wants Christmas Day to arrive. It’s the anticipation that’s exciting. While many great things happen on the day of, it all, so often, goes by in a blur and subconsciously we’re counting down the minutes till it ends knowing that once that clock strikes midnight, it’s over. I can’t think of anyone, who actually enjoys the Christmas spirit, who wants the day to end. I suppose that feeling is true for anyone who enjoys the holiday season, regardless of what they observe.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year Y’all ♥️