Black Owned Preppy Businesses

In the hours following my writing the “Starting Over” entry, I continued to think about the visibility of black and brown people in preppy spaces. Often BOB’s don’t get the same recognition or advertising as their white counterparts so I thought I’d compile a small list of black owned business that inspire the prepster vibe.

Treason Toting Company – Located in Baltimore, MD, CEO Aaron Jones’ company, Treason & Co., has become quite popular for its timeless totes and backpacks. Their classic design is a fashionable but sturdy addition to any college student’s wardrobe. The perfect weekender or travel bag with a stylish and adventurous vibe, Treason Toting Co. encourages you to #CarryYourStories!

All images are from the @treasontotingco Instagram page.

Res Ipsa – created by lawyers Odini and Josh, the brand takes on the style of the English loafer and gives it a rustic and adventurous feel. Made of kilim, their footwear and accessories are inspired by their travels and encourage others to do the same! Instagram: @resipsausa

Christella Bijou – An artist who “loves drawing women in aesthetically pleasing, chic, and relaxed moods”, Christella’s work is everything preppy is known for. Mixed prints, bright colors, beautiful hair, sophistication, and pearls pop off of her canvas and the subjects exude a relaxed confidence that only the best prepster can muster.

All images are from the @christellabijou Instagram page.

The Tiny Tassel – Based in Charleston, SC, this fun and flirty business, owned by Mimi Striplin, produces all tassel everything. From the earrings to bracelets, Tiny Tassel Co. has simply got you covered. Their handmade accessories are versatile and will enhance ensembles for sorority formals, weddings or a simple weekend outing with girlfriends!

All images were provided by @thetinytassel and photographed by Sirena Singleton of Aneris Photography.

Magnepels – Magnepels are the new and improved lapel pins for any occasion. An easily adorned accessory, magnepels, magnetic lapel pins, are unisex and snazzy in pattern and color. The company also makes simple but stylish bracelets in copper and silver.

All images are from the @magnepels Instagram page.

Flamekeeper’s Hat Club – Based in Harlem, New York, Flamekeeper’s Hat Club’s mission is to, “pass the torch of “Good Taste” from one generation to the next.” Their collection of hats will make you stand out whether you’re on your way to work, attending the derby or out for a night of cigars and cocktails. Instagram @flamekeepershatclub

This topic means so much to me and so I’ll continue to update this list as best I can as I find more black owned preppy businesses. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Black Owned Preppy Businesses

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love being able support black owned businesses when I can. Didn’t realized that there were so many in the preppy arena!

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