Starting Over

Last week I finally hit the permanent refresh button and created a new Instagram page. I’d actually contemplated this move for a while because, in my social media journey, I really struggled to connect with my audience or even attract the audience that I thought would enjoy or benefit from what I post and share.

About eighty percent of the 1700+ followers I’d gathered started following me several years ago because we were all in high school and it was just the cool thing to do. And many still followed, I felt, out of habit (that’s pretty normal I think). In turn, I too still followed many of my peers and I couldn’t shake this feeling of guilt in un-following them if they were still following me. I really didn’t want to give the impression that they were no longer good enough for me to follow. I didn’t want to come off as a snob or above myself because my page had gone from that of a young person’s, full of jokes, selfies, and memes to one with links to blog posts, outings, travel, and fashion inspiration. What’s crazy is that so many of my followers no longer used the app and didn’t engage with my content or simply had no interest in my posts. While all of these things are fine, I felt I wasn’t seeing the content that matched my own or what I aspired to do and that when I was posting, I wasn’t reaching those who would actually appreciate it.

So after thinking about what I wanted to accomplish with my blog and just social media in general I decided that I needed to start over. And it was really scary. Because in this era where social media can literally change your life and sometimes is dependent on people noticing you and following your life and journey, starting over almost seems crazy. But I thought longer and harder about my goals, my “why”, and what’s actually important. And I came to the conclusion that while numbers matter, they don’t actually matter to me at this point. I would much rather have a small following of those who love what I post than a large following where no one really cares.

My tagline is Brown Girl In A Preppy World With A Penchant For Afternoon Tea. For as long as I can remember preppy and classic styles have been an intense love and inspiration of mine. Like so many other people I was inspired by the style of persons in the media or characters on popular television shows. Women like Kate Middleton, Olivia Pope, Charlotte York, and Blair Waldorf made me long for the means to satisfy my fashion dreams. But what constantly bothered me was the lack of black/brown skin in the majority of these preppy and classy spaces. Television aside, most classic or preppy brands have only a few token black/brown faces in a sea of Jackies and Grace Kellys. And while I know preppy or classic American fashion isn’t extremely popular in certain demographics, I would like to see more diversity in those spaces. Because bottom line, sometimes it feels like we don’t belong or we don’t exist – and I know that’s not the case because I follow some amazing black prepsters! And that’s why I’m here; that’s why I made this blog. I want to show that black/brown people can be preppy too. That a black girl from Baltimore, Maryland, the state that’s in the strange grey area between north and south, can wear and look amazing in classic American style.

I know this is going to be hard. It already is. The day after I made the new account and made the announcement (on an adrenaline rush) about moving over in a month’s time, I was afraid. What if no one actually cared? What if no one wanted to read what I had to say? What if I just embarrassed myself? And you know what, I still ask myself those questions everyday. But I’m going to keep going. Making posts about the things I enjoy and the experiences I have. They say there’s an audience out there for everyone and in time, I will find mine. ❤