The J. Crew Apron Dress

This spring, a certain dress from J. Crew has sent quite a few of us into a frenzy.  Its simplicity and utter femininity have made it the perfect frock for a day of sightseeing or relaxing in a cafe. So many gravitated towards the popular seersucker but after trying on both, I decided the fire red option of the apron dress was the one for me!

facetune_25-07-2018-19-27-53 (2)

Thin and flowy, this dress is amazingly breathable and absolutely perfect for the spring/summer season. It has the most amazing pockets, something that is really rather invaluable in dresses these days, and the back holds the biggest and best surprise….

facetune_14-07-2018-08-29-20 (2)


I’m a little picky when it comes to picking out dresses so this bow detail and the ruffles beneath it made this dress a must have for me!

A little leg for a night out never hurt anyone 😉


It was seriously so hot this day. I brought the hat to help keep the sun off my face but wound up wearing it throughout the pictures.

This dress has been really so popular this season so get it while you can here!

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