Just Peachy

Seasonal activities never get old to me. Here in central Maryland we have a local farm, Weber’s Peachberry Farm, great for gathering the bounty of almost every season. This late July brought several varieties of peaches and I was all too happy to spend an early Saturday morning picking as many as my little heart desired!


It rained the entire week and while it made for a humid and mosquito filled day for us, the peaches were the better for it.




A recent addition to our appliances this summer came in the form of an ice cream maker. Clearly, we’ve put it to great use. =)





2 thoughts on “Just Peachy

  1. i love fruit picking but its the end of winter here so there is not much to do. Hopefully in spring and summer I can do more. Peaches are great to pick as you can make so many things like peach crumble and freeze them for later in the year.

    Deneale | Goldfields Girl



    1. I so agree! I managed a peach ice cream this year!


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