Croquet in J. Crew

This post is going to be short but I just had to share this adorable creation!

Last summer it seemed that I, along with everyone else, fell in love with J. Crew’s apron dress. And while it flew off the racks in the coveted seersucker print, I fell head over heels in love with it in its classic red. This year J. Crew created a dress that I knew I had to possess as soon as it appeared on their site – the ponte wrap dress!


A couple weekends ago, I spent a mini vacation with a few friends and while taking in our surroundings, we discovered there was croquet! So after a few hours by the pool we grabbed the bubbly and hit the lawn.

Beautiful weather calls for wonderful fun!

This dress has to be one of my favorite purchases. It’s lighter than I thought and quite breathable. Inside there’s a band and button to keep the wrap nice and tight and tidy. I’ve received so many compliments the couple of times I’ve worn it and I look forward to keeping it in my closet for the next several years!

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