International Macaron Day in Canada

It’s no secret that I’m a big lover of macarons, as are many people these days. Adorable and colorful confections with the perfect balance of cookie and cream, they pair perfectly with a hot caffeinated beverage or a refreshing glass of champagne.  I like to think I’m always on the hunt for the perfect macaron and that the labor is in fact, a reward in itself. This year, I was in Canada for the day and we took advantage of that by visiting a couple of the macaron shops in the area. We started with a particular brand I was introduced to upon my first visit, Quelque Chose, and moved on to an adorable tea shop called Macarons et Madeleines.

Quelque Chose

Quelque Chose has a few locations around Ottawa but my favorite is in Westboro — it’s the biggest of their shops and offers the most comfort and room for relaxation with friends.


Macaron: Earl Grey & Milk Chocolate




Macarons et Madeleines

So, we nearly missed this shop as it’s tucked so neatly along a row of other eateries and and boutiques! It’s small and can probably seat no more than twenty but that’s what makes it so cozy and intimate. They have the loveliest green prints of tea cakes and other small confections and the menu above was written entirely in French with brown wicker baskets piled high with baked goods beneath! After our initial once over we  finally ordered a couple of teas and a few macarons.


Tea: Earl Grey | Macarons: Clockwise – Lemon & Thyme, Chestnut, Sesame Praline, and Milk Chocolate & Ginger




Dress: Target x Victoria Beckham | Watch: Olivia Burton | Pearls: Honora Pearls

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