Venue To Watch: Sagamore Pendry

The Sagamore Pendry, formerly known as the Recreation Pier, opened earlier this year in March as Baltimore’s newest boutique hotel. Long awaited, the surrounding community of Fells Point watched as the abandoned and rotting building was transformed into a breathtaking edifice with touches of old world beauty and the promise of a glittering night life. Serving such a lively community, the hotel and its superior and attentive staff are not easily forgotten.

IMG_7755 (2)

With floor to ceiling windows, the hotel’s restaurant, Rec Chop Pier House (RCPH) gives diners front row seating to the bustling traffic and bars a few steps away on Thames Street. The industrial chic design and dark hues make for a cozy and intimate atmosphere perfect for a romantic outing or an important business lunch.



The open air courtyard, which affords guests the opportunity to sit outside while being inside, is a prime space for relaxation. Table service continues onto this stone paved area which boasts not only a nook with a fireplace for those cool nights but a colossal statue by renowned artist Fernando Botero!

Known as a place for luxury and relaxation, the hotel is also the perfect venue for private events. It’s ballroom has already been met with awe as are the beautiful red steps that lead up to it!

One would be remiss if they didn’t mention the amazing pool and cabana at the back of the hotel. A private area for hotel guests only, it offers space to unwind and a bar specifically made to cater to those guests. It’s also not a bad spot for a party!


 So here’s to the Pendry, hope to see you there!









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