Soulmates vs. Life Partners

Quite a few people on my social feeds have been asking the question and discussing whether soulmates actually exist. And if so, what’s the difference between them and a life partners.  Awhile ago I read an article about the difference between a soulmate and a life partner. When I took the time to think on it, everything I read made sense. This is what I took from it.


  • Someone who understands and/or helps you unlock parts of yourself that you never knew existed.
  • One can have multiple soulmates. Different persons help you to grow and discover yourself in ways you never thought possible.
  • A soulmate, while we may love and cherish them, may not always be the person we end up with or make the best partner because the chemistry or energy between us and them may be so chaotic that it’s best to love and cherish from afar.

What really made me think, was the validity of the idea that most of us bemoan the fact that we want to meet our soulmates but never fully think through everything that entails. If this person really helps us discover ourselves and unlock parts of our beings, then half of us may not be emotionally or mentally ready to meet such a person. Also, the fact that we may develop a violent love for this person will cause intense emotional and mental distress if the relationship fails to progress because of the clashing of energies.

Life Partner:

  • An individual who you can love, lean on, and trust.
  • An individual who can be a companion or friend who you connect with on a deeper level.
  • An individual who provides you with a sense of stability that you feel the need to plan a future with them.

There are times when a person can encompass both qualities, this is far from uncommon. So, if a person can find someone who is both to them..I suppose they are very fortunate indeed.

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